A better life and world for everyone.

My lifelong driving passion is to help improve our lives and world through personal, organizational, and social transformation. I and my associates are translating that vision into reality by developing key infrastructure for a free and prosperous society through innovation and entrepreneurship. We are currently building a new legal and social system based on breakthrough research.

I am the founder of the world-leading Crypto Valley ecosystem, as well as several startups and industry organizations. Rated as a Top 100 finance leader in Switzerland, my thought leadership has guided regulatory reform in multiple jurisdictions, and my articles, interviews, and presentations such as The Four Pillars of a Decentralized Society and The Age of CryptoFinance have been influential in the decentralized technologies and fintech spaces.

In addition to my entrepreneurial ventures, I have served as consultant and strategic advisor to governments, regulators, and companies across diverse industries, including pioneering technology startups. I and my team draw on a wide cross-disciplinary knowledge base and a global network of experts to identify and invent state-of-the-art solutions. We approach complex challenges from first principles and use holistic, systemic metaperspectives to identify and address the underlying root causes that drive superficial symptoms. This enables us to find and create powerful metasolutions — deep solutions that generate profound transformation and lasting results.