“Johann joined my startup, Future Cities Development, as the founding team member and CFO.  He worked diligently pre-incorporation and pre-funding to help us turn an idea and opportunity into a functioning company and legal entity.
Johann’s enthusiasm, passion, and dedication were inspiring, and he displayed impeccable integrity in managing company funds.
Johann also contributed significantly to company brainstorming around next-generation governance systems and legal structures, where I worked with him personally to outline our approach, and found his ideas highly insightful.”
— Patri Friedman, CEO, Future Cities Development

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Johann over the course of several months of working together at Future Cities Development. Johann first distinguished himself during our company’s founding, where he was entrusted with taking us from being an idea to an incorporated, functioning company.
This was not a trivial task, given that our startup was an international firm, with unconventional requirements for incorporation jurisdiction, financing, and other legal issues. His tireless, single-handed efforts made it all happen in a timely manner, without the time or expense of engaging outside counsel.
Johann has a deep “big picture” intelligence, with an understanding of nuanced, complex issues that is both deep and wide in vision, and the ability to articulate his insights in a pristinely clear manner. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the field of social governance and legal theory, where his relentless passion and dedication gives him a world-class depth of knowledge and insights to offer. His blend of skills is a rare find!”
— James Hogan, COO, Future Cities Development

“Johann created and implemented many new systems and procedures that streamlined how my design office functions. He has outstanding analytical ability and integrity. He was an invaluable member of my team and a pleasure to work with.”
— Petrula Vrontikis, Creative Director, Vrontikis Design Office

“Johann is a highly intelligent and creative thinker. He has made me aware of new ideas and trends that I have been able to implement with great success in my business.”
— Christiaan de Bruyn, Managing Director, Andium Trust

“Johann is passionate, highly intelligent, and motivated. When he puts his mind to something it is sure to become a success.”
— Dirck Gevers, Manager, BMW